Bacardi Carta Negra is the new name of the famous Bacardi Black. It is a medium-bodied black rum, expertly blended by the Maestros de Ron BACARDÍ using rum matured in heavily charred oak barrels and then shaped through a secret blend of charcoals. It has a sweet and intense flavors of tropical fruit, caramel and vanilla with a smoky character.


1 L, 40 %

Captain Morgan

A special dark, spiced version of Captain Morgan, made with Caribbean rums, spices and natural flavourings, and matured in oak. Great on it own, or just add ginger ale for a delicious Dark and Stormy.


1 L, 40 %


The perfect mixing spirit that has set the standard for rum production since 1862. Neither dominating nor disappearing in a mixed drink, Bacardi inspired a whole new generation of cocktails such as the original Mojito and the original Daiquiri.


1 L, 37.5 %

Havana Club

Havana Club Añejo 3 años Blanco is a spectacular blend, aged for three years in barrels of 180 L, in a warm and humid climate, perfect to gain a unique character. Holds seductive flavors of chocolate and vanilla, complemented by fruity and citrus accents.


1 L, 40%