The wine is made from the Cabernet-Sauvignon varieties of grapes, through a special procedure which implies the artificial refrigeration of grapes, followed by pressurization in order to extract the colour and aromatic substances.
It is characterized by a young colour, freshness and aromas of well-ripe grape. It is a feminine and refreshing wine having a good acidity.


0,75 L, 12,5 %


Exclusive wine, produced from Cabernet Sauvignon grapes harvested on own plantations in the south of Moldova. Grapes are harvested by hand when the berries reach full maturity, then they are carefully sorted and undergo fermentation. The wine matures in oak barrels for at least 1 year.


0,75 L, 13 %


An aged red dry wine.

70% Cabernet-Sauvignon, 25% Saperavi, 5% Rara Neagră. Negru de Purcari is the king of Purcari wines – noble, with a rich structure and a generous bouquet it truly has a regal palate. After tasting Negru de Purcari, Federico Giotto, the famous Italian wine expert, said: "This wine is like an iron fist, dressed in a velvet glove!" Intense ruby color with a garnet hue. This wine seduces with a velvety taste, balanced with oak and fruit tones. The bouquet surprises with fine shades of plums, chocolate and figs and develops, in time, revealing fine aromas of vanilla and saffron. Negru de Purcari fascinates with a noble and magnificent taste, its value continuously increasing each year.


0,75 L, 14 %


Vinohora- a limited edition collection of Purcari winery that combines classic and international varieties. Vinohora invites you to a dizzying dance with fresh notes of lime, pear and anise flowers that gradually unfolds through a delicate jasmine, praline and coconut.


0.75 L, 13.5 %